Saimoe Tournament 2008 Entry Time Period Rules
All female characters from non-doujin anime whose first episode aired between
July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008 are included, including androids and the like.
In order for a character to be entered, she must have appeared in a TV or 'net
anime with at least the below-indicated number of episodes airing in the target
time interval, or in an OVA that went on sale in the target interval, or in a
movie first screened in the target interval.


Duplicate Entry Rules
- Duplicate Entries are when a certain character is entered under two seperate
tags, even if the scenario between the works in question differs greatly.※

- Multiple personalities are considered duplicate entries
(However, if these personalities have existed seperate for a long time,
as an exception, after a request and deliberation, it may be possible
to treat them as seperate entries)

- With twins, and other cases when two characters are seen as having the same
identity, after a request and deliberation, it may be possible to treat
them as duplicate entries (If there is no request they will be treated

Details on the entry time period
- Required episode count
For continuing series, the minimum number of episodes aired in a month plus
one, or half of the full episode count.
Weekly broadcasts: 5 episodes, or half of the full episode count
Biweekly broadcasts: 3 episodes, or half of the full episode count
Monthly broadcasts: 2 episodes, or half of the full episode count
Irregular broadcasts: 1 episode (treated as an OVA)

- Exceptions
If aired less frequently than once a month: 1 episode (treated as an OVA)
If many episodes are aired in a short period: 1 episode (for example, if
after three months, suddenly a large number of episodes are aired)

- Age-limit exception
18+-only anime (or those with an even higher age restriction) are excluded.

- Internet broadcast restriction
Internet broadcasts must be broadcasted by an internet broadcasting station.

- Treatment of unaired episodes
If an unaired episode longer than the normal episode length has been
recorded, the anime will be treated as an OVA

- OVA restrictions
The official release date must fall in the target time period; we do not
consider cases when stores may place them on display prior to the official
release date.
Works only shown at a screening event are excluded.

- OVA works
Anime associated with works other than anime or games. (However, anime
inserted into the middle of a work are excluded)[1]
Anime distributed as a gift or bonus scheme
In order to be considered an OVA work, it must be at least 5 minutes long.

- Exceptions for anime straddling July 1, 2007
Even if the episode count requirement is not met, new characters are allowed
to enter.
Even if the episode count requirement is not met, characters which have not
appeared in previous Saimoe contests may enter. This includes characters
who appeared prior to June 30, 2007, but were excluded from prior Saimoe
contests due to time period requirements.


Slander is forbidden
Whatever the reason, slander against works, characters, posters, or supporters
is strictly forbidden.

Multiple voting is forbidden
Multiple voting (a single person putting in two or more votes) is forbidden.

Breaking the law is forbidden
Whatever the situation may be, breaking Japanese law or the 2channel rules
(those of the board in question) is forbidden.

Be responsible
Behavior in the voting thread is, provided you follow the above rules,
essentially unrestricted. However, when it comes to character support
materials and the like, please be responsible.

Be careful about advertising
When posting in threads other than the voting thread, please try not to
advertise your favorite characters, so as not to cause trouble for the
other participants in the thread.

Partial vote-counting is forbidden
Please do not post a vote count before the voting period ends, even if your
intentions are good. Additionally, there will be no official announcement
before the end of the voting period.

Watch the time
If the voting board or code server fails for over 12 hours and the match has
to be halted, there will be a rematch the next day. If the failure occurs
for less time, then the results will be considered valid.
Additionally, if the board or code server fails prior to the start of voting,
and does not recover before 2:00, there will be a rematch the next day.


Voting will occur in the voting location.
To avoid causing undue load on the server, coordinating with multiple people
to all vote at the same time, and other such "rash behavior" is generally

First preliminary contest
There will be 20 groups. From each group, the top 9 will enter the main contest. (for a total of 180)
If some tie for the top 9 places, they will all proceed to the main contest.
Places 10~30 will proceed to the second preliminary contest. Likewise, if
ties result in there being more than 22 such entrants, they will all proceed
to the second preliminary contest.

Second preliminary contest
It will be divided into 12 groups in the second heat.
There will be 12 groups; from each, the top 9 will enter the main contest.
If ties result in there being 10 or more such entrants, they will all enter
the main contest.

Maximum number of entries in a vote
In the first preliminary contest, in each match you may vote for up to ** entrants,
and in the second preliminary contest, in each match you may vote for up to ** entrants.
If you exceed the maximum number of entrants, your vote will be invalidated.


Rule 1
(under discussion)


Watch the time
Voting will occur between 01:00:00~23:00:59 Japan time (UTC+0900).
The current time in Japan may be found at . ※
Even if an inconsistency in thread response timestamps occurs, only the
timestamp on the response in question matters.

About codes
Codes are required. Be sure to put your votes and the code in the same post.
Votes without a code will all be considered invalid. Before voting, first
access the code generator, and obtain a code.
If multiple votes have the same code, only the first one will be considered.

About << >>
You must copy and paste the <<character name@work>> from the saimoe official
site. If the << >> are missing, it will be invalidated. If they appear in
some other form, the vote may be invalidated, so please be careful.
The location of the <<>> is up to you, but you must not put a line break within.

Vote changes are not possible
You cannot change your vote after voting. Please be careful.
However, adding additional characters to a vote and revoting will be recognized.

Writing a 'moebun' is recommended
※We suggest writing a 'moebun' - a brief explanation about why you voted, or
support for a character - along with your vote. Leaving out a moebun will not
invalidate your vote, but to help make Saimoe as fun as possible, please
write one in if possible. (English is okay too)

About the voting thread
You may post things other than votes and character support in the voting thread.
In particular, responding to a character support post will help encourage the
person who wrote it.

Be careful not to split across posts
Perform your vote in a single post. If you use multiple posts, only the first
will be valid. If a single 2channel poster ID※ is associated with multiple
codes, it will be seen as multiple voting, and only the first will be accepted.
For example, if two or more people vote from a shared PC, or some other case
where they might have the same IP, please be careful of ID duplication.

Only your first post is valid
Even if multiple matches are occuring on the same day, put the votes for all
of them in the same post. You may choose to abstain from some of them; however
if you split your votes into two or more posts, only the first will be

About 2channel IDs
If ID:??? is displayed on your vote, it will be invalid. However, if due to
server trouble, the ID system temporarily became unavailable, as long as the
other voting conditions are satisfied, we will generally judge the vote as


We suggest you use a cell phone
Obtaining a code via PC takes time. It may also be restricted at times.
Cell phone access will not be restricted, and codes will be issued immediately,
so we suggest you use that. However, it may not be available outside of Japan.

Enable cookies
If cookies are disabled, or if due to, e.g., a dialup or ADSL reconnection,
your IP address changes, the code may not be issued properly.

About [[ ]]
If the [[ ]] are missing, even partially, the vote will not be valid.
Please copy the code, including the [[ ]], and paste is somewhere in your vote.


About voting threads
Responses up to 1000 are valid in each thread; any responses with a higher
number will be invalid. If your response has a number over 1000, please re-vote
in the next thread.
If the thread was closed prior to reaching 1000, for example, due to hitting
the 500kb limit, all votes will be valid.

After 950
Move on to the next thread once the previous one has been closed.
Once 950 posts has been reached, a new thread should be set up, and the old
one buried (forced to the 1000 auto-close limit by deliberate posting)※


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